September 2014 Newsletter

How well do we listen? How well do we hear? These are two very different questions. As we educate ourselves about hearing loss during Deaf Awareness Week, consider all those who live with hearing impairment; some as they age, others from birth; and the isolation they often endure. Hopefully we listen well so we may learn to better support those individuals suffering from hearing loss.

How We Help
Many of our clients live with hearing loss, which becomes more prevalent, and challenging, with age. Due to changes in dexterity, replacing hearing aid batteries is an issue for some seniors. Paying for hearing aids is always challenging. Hearing aids cost $2000-$4000 and they are not covered by Medicare.

One of our clients, Sue, recently needed a set of hearing aids. Our Care Manager, Brillytza, accompanied her to the audiologist for both the testing and fitting appointments.
Then she instructed Sue’s caregivers on proper placement of the hearing aids and how to change the batteries. This opened a whole new world for Sue who had been struggling. Learning to use a hearing aid is difficult, especially with memory impairment.

For seniors who do not have someone to advocate for them or to explain the process, many just go without being able to hear at all. Sometimes they are incorrectly diagnosed with dementia because of poor communication skills.

How You Help
You can help by connecting MonarchCare to any hearing aid providers that are willing to work with low-income seniors.
This will benefit our clients and allow us to share this information with other agencies that work with seniors.
When speaking with someone with a hearing loss, remember to look at them and speak clearly. Try to lower the tone of your voice (lower tones are more easily heard than high pitches,) or rephrase your sentence.

Did You Know?
International Week of the Deaf is celebrated by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and its national associations and their affiliates globally during the last full week of September (Monday through Sunday). The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) represents the United States as an affiliate member of the WFD.

National associations and their affiliates celebrate International Week of the Deaf by focusing on the theme of Human Rights through Sign Languages. This focus gives greater attention to deaf culture and the achievements of deaf people, portrayed in a positive way. Celebrations year-round in the United States have the objectives of:

• Gaining greater understanding of the American deaf and hard    of hearing community and its culture and heritage.
• Learning about sign language as an essential human right and    how it is growing in popularity across the United States.
• Finding out about resources within your community, e.g.,      sign language classes.
• Discovering ways to promote the human rights of deaf people    and access to education and technologies.

Upcoming Events
Join us for our CROWNING Event…The Connectors’ Coronation on September 18th is almost here! If you have not yet bought your tickets, you can still purchase one for $55. You do not want to miss this Royal Event! There will be lots of auction items, great food, music and a best photo contest (and of course lots of networking with the best Connectors in South Florida!) Thank you to our Major Sponsors:

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New Staff
Meet Stephanie Setien

Stephanie joined MonarchCare in April 2014 as our Care Coordinator. She attends Florida International University and expects to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology later this year. She has over two years of experience in administrative assistance in offices for employment staffing and distributing. She also has a strong background in customer service having over three years of experience handling clients in different environments.

Stephanie enjoys applying her psychology knowledge to the clients she helps at MonarchCare. “The people who work here have a genuine dedication to helping those in need. They go the extra mile to make sure the client’s needs are met and they are comfortable. I am blessed and overjoyed to be a part of the team.”

Your Feedback is Important to us
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Your support enables us to continue our work that has rescued susceptible individuals from financial exploitation, restored institutionalized persons to independent lifestyles and reconnected isolated persons with long-lost family and friends. Thank You!

Knyvett Lee, NCG
MonarchCare Founder, CEO

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