October 2014 Newsletter

Taking care of yourself is important but helping to take care of your family goes a little further. As case managers, MonarchCare often enters the picture when there is no family or the family lives out of town. Looking through documents to determine a person’s wishes, personal information or even just what insurance they are on is often time consuming. As we recognize Organize Your Medical Information Month in October, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have your paperwork organized?
  2. Will your family know where to find things?
  3. Does your doctor have a copy of your advanced directives?
As we enter the season of Fall, it is a good time to clean house and organize….don’t wait till Spring!  
How We Help
MonarchCare takes pride in having a wonderful system to track our clients’ medical history; past and current. We keep copies of all their documents in house and scanned into our computer system for fast access. We enter pertinent information to our database such as what medications they are on, the doctors they see and what insurances they have, all for easy reference by our staff. We are available 24/7 and our care managers have the pertinent information readily available to them to answer questions at all times.

We take a team approach to accumulate all the medical information to coordinate our clients’ care. From the initial assessment by the Care Manager and the Financial Specialist access all documents to get the overall picture of what the clients’ needs are and how to proceed. We determine their current insurance needs and then help plan for their long term needs. We work with the client and family to help cut costs while providing the best coverage possible. We help find physicians, medical suppliers and pharmacies to provide needed services, documenting all their information in our customized database. We also maintain a chart where the client resides, at home or in a facility. We monitor the day-to-day documentation by the staff or private caregiver to make sure that all physician orders are followed. This allows us to provide the best care to all our clients.           

How You Help
Do you know someone who is having issues with tracking their medical bills, applying for benefits or completing insurance forms? Perhaps they are having problems locating services in the community, paying their bills or just understanding which co-pays are due.

With your timely referral, we can go in and help organize their paperwork, explain procedures to them and help them look for the best possible coverage. For those clients with limited resources we also offer a sliding scale fee.

By referring your clients, family or friends to us you can be assured that we will not only assist them today but help them to be better prepared for their future.   
Did You Know?
You've probably seen your chart at your doctor's office. In fact, you may have charts at several doctors' offices. If you've been in the hospital, you have a chart there, too. These charts are your medical records. They may be on paper or electronic. To keep track of all this information, it's a good idea to keep your own personal health record.
Some of the information you would keep in a personal health record includes:
  • Your name, birth date, blood type, and emergency contact information
  • Date of last physical
  • Dates and results of tests and screenings
  • Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates
  • A list of your medicines and supplements, the dosages, and how long you've taken them
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic diseases
  • Any history of illnesses in your family

Nowadays there are great online resources for this information and of course “There’s an App for That” too!

The website of the MedlinePlus service of the National Institutes of Health provides additional information.
Upcoming Events
Our events are only as successful as those who help us. A special thank you goes to our Task Force from last month’s Connectors’ Coronation:
  • Kim Valentin, TrustBridge
  • Michael Brodie, Michael Brodie Senior Placement
  • Melissa Rapkin, Grand Villa of Delray
  • Marcia Pinck, Mental Health Association of SE FL
  • Glen Wilson, Alternative Home Health
  • Florence Kalma and Patricia Henderson, Plantation General Hospital  

Description: http://www.tma-el.org/img/dynamic/image/Giving-Tree1.jpgDecember is just around the corner when we will be having our Giving Tree ready for your support. We will have items listed on our tree that are special gifts for our low-income clients. These items are often the only gifts they get for the holidays. You can stop by our office from December 3rd – 5th for a cup of hot chocolate and a treat and pick up a Giving Tree gift request.

If you would like to host an event for MonarchCare, please contact Christina Levine.

Your Feedback is Important to us
Tell us what you think!

Your support enables us to continue our work that has rescued susceptible individuals from financial exploitation, restored institutionalized persons to independent lifestyles and reconnected isolated persons with long-lost family and friends. Thank You!

Knyvett Lee, NCG
MonarchCare Founder, CEO

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