May 2013 Newsletter
May holds many wonderful holidays celebrating mothers, nurses and older Americans as well as Memorial Day, to remember our fallen veterans. These are all opportunities to thank those who go above and beyond for us every day.

All these celebrations tie into what our care managers do every day. Sometimes we fight for the best care possible, just like the mother that we all need from time to time. Other times we make sure the best nurse helps our clients. And many of the people we help are older Americans, while others are younger veterans. As we celebrate these special individuals in our lives and those that care for us when we are sick, think about those who have no one and then think about MonarchCare!
How We Help
MonarchCare understands the importance of the mother/daughter relationship, especially as we get older. Margaret is 61, has multiple sclerosis and lives in a nursing facility in Miami. Sadly, she has been unable to spend much time with her mother, Pat, because she lives in an assisted living facility in Broward.

Margaret cherishes her time with her mother and sister, but for a long time Margaret was unable to visit her family often - arrangements can be costly. When MonarchCare was appointed Margaret’s guardian, we fought to increase her visits because family is important. Now Margaret and Pat spend time together whenever possible, whether it’s going to lunch or visit in a park, with an attendant caregiver to provide care as needed for both Margaret and Pat.
How You Can Help
Connecting with our community partners comes in handy when our clients are in need. April was Social Worker Appreciation month and when the social workers at DaVita Dialysis got together for their quarterly meeting, they chose to support MonarchCare. They collected many toiletries for our indigent clients, who often have no ability to purchase these items. They were generous and we thank them!

Last month we again needed a bed, this time for Agnes. A Move Made Easy move managers came to our aid when they encouraged a client to donate her bed to Agnes. Then they got a volunteer, Benoit, to donate his time and energy to transport the bed to our client. Thank you to both Sharon & Benoit for helping!

Grant Awarded to MonarchCare
MonarchCare has received a grant of $500 from the James and Sandra Porter Charitable Fund for in home support in our Care Management Program. This was made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward.

This generous grant will be invaluable in allowing us to continue to provide our support to our pro bono clients at home.  Thank you to James and Sandra Porter for this donation and the Community Foundation for their ongoing support of MonarchCare!
Did You Know?

Nurses practice in all healthcare settings: hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care centers, community health centers, schools, and retail clinics. They also provide health care in surprising locations such as camps, homeless shelters, prisons, sporting events and tourist destinations. Nurses responsibilities include:
• Physical exams and collecting health histories
• Provide health promotion, counseling and education
• Administer medications, wound care, and other personalized interventions
• Interpret patient information to make critical decisions about needed actions
• Coordinate care, in collaboration with a wide array of healthcare professionals
• Direct and supervise care delivered by other healthcare personnel like therapists and nurse’s aides
• Conduct research in support of improved practice and patient outcomes
See the American Nurses Association website for more information.

The majority of countries that celebrate Mother's Day do so on the second Sunday of May. On this day, it is common for mothers to be celebrated with presents and special attention from their families, friends and loved ones.

But it wasn't always this way...

The traditional practice of honoring motherhood is rooted in antiquity. Ancient rites had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones, as societies tended to celebrate Goddesses and symbols of motherhood, rather than actual mothers. Objects of adoration ranged from mythological female deities to those of the Christian Church.

The personal, family orientation of Mothers Day is a relatively new phenomenon. Only in the past few centuries did celebrations of motherhood develop a decidedly human focus, and only in the last century did Mothers Day take on commercial overtones. The Mothers Day Central website is a celebration of mothers

Upcoming Events
Have you started thinking of who you would like to Jail in July for our 2nd Annual Jail & Bail event? Just ask our jailbird, Board member Bonnie Mackey, pictured from last year. You can be jailed at MonarchCare or in your own office space...this is serious FUNdraising business with a distinctly FUN overtone!!

Look ahead for a very special event with MonarchCare and the Mental Health Association of South Florida, as we come together for an evening of art and music. Join us on June 19 to "Celebrate Gifts from the Heart and the Mind" at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's beautiful Culinary Division! More information to come.
Employee of the Month
Iris Kahn

Iris has been a member of our team for six years. She is our Paralegal, supports our Administrative Department and supervises our clerical volunteers. Iris brings an extensive customer service background to our organization having worked in the investment department of several organizations in NYC to end up at American Express for 25 years in various capacities. Iris also ventured out on her own and worked as a consultant in Customer Service Training. She graduated from Hunter College and then from NYU with a certificate in Paralegal.

Iris is married to Mark and has two very successful children, David, who lives in Atlanta, and Lara who will be getting married this summer. You may remember Lara who performed at a fundraiser for us a few years ago. As a classically trained opera singer, she gave a concert at the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute.

Iris loves to travel, Paris being her favorite spot. She had volunteered for many years at her children’s schools and now oversees the training of some of our volunteers here at MonarchCare. As you can see she brings her exceptional customer service background to our team and shines as our employee of this month!!


12 slices white bread – trim crust
12 slices American cheese
2 cups milk
4 eggs
Real bacon bits
Buttered baking dish
Soft butter


Butter and place a layer of bread (buttered side down) in baking dish, add cheese slices, then another layer of bread (buttered side up) then the rest of cheese slices.
Sprinkle with bacon bits.
Beat eggs and milk and pour mixture over bread. Bake at 350º until brown.
Serve with maple syrup


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exploitation, restored institutionalized persons to
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Knyvett Lee, NCG
MonarchCare Founder, CEO

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