January 2015 Newsletter
Happy New Year to each of you. For many of us the New Year starts with resolve to do things differently, better, and new. We set goals, write plans, join groups and classes, all to add to the quality of our lives. For each of us the definition of quality of life is different, ranging from a better job, home, physical appearance; greater wealth, security, or more travel and new adventures. For those who are vulnerable due to age, disability, or mental capacity…quality of life can mean something very different. MonarchCare clients define quality of life as having a safe place to live, being able to feed and clothe themselves, having someone to talk to, and simply enjoying the little things in life most of us take for granted. As you define your best quality of life, include helping others find theirs. Everyone deserves to live the best life they can!

Join us for our Transforming Lives Luncheon on March 26, 2015. Become a sponsor, donate an auction item, purchase tickets and learn how MonarchCare and our Honorees are changing lives.

Your quality of life will increase tenfold from knowing you helped to make a difference in someone else’s life.

How We Help

Mario B. is a young man who is severely disabled due to cerebral palsy. MonarchCare was appointed by the court upon its discovery that Mario’s brother and caregiver had been financially exploiting Mario’s trust funds. MonarchCare worked closely with Mario’s family, but eventually we moved Mario to a group home. He now lives with caring individuals to oversee his daily needs and a personal caregiver who works very well with him. Mario’s quality of life has greatly improved, more than anyone could have imagined! He has increased his communication skills, goes on outings which he enjoys, and has greatly reduced his emotional outbursts. Mario had his ultimate quality of life experience recently when he went on his first-ever cruise. MonarchCare got him a passport and the facility staff handled the details, taking all of the residents on the cruise!! The staff saw nothing but smiles on Mario’s face the entire trip. Mario is safer, happier, and friendlier thanks to your support and MonarchCare’s dedicated staff.

How You Can Help

In 2014 you donated your time and resources to bring quality of life to those we serve. Thanks to you MonarchCare…

• Raised more than $27,000 to ensure the well being and safety of over 50 vulnerable clients.
• Assisted 260 individuals with over 180 hours of information and referrals related to their life management needs.
• Made more than 1000 home visits to ensure all clients were in safe housing and advocate for quality care services on each individual’s behalf.

We are in need of silent auction items and non-perishable food items and gift baskets for the food drive portion of our upcoming Transforming Lives Luncheon. Decorative food basket centerpieces are donated to local non-profit organizations that serve the frail, elderly, at-risk, homebound, and disabled in our community after the event. Auction items help us raise funding to serve our indigent clients. Email Knyvett Lee or visit our website to learn how you can help!

Did You Know?

January is International Quality of Life Month. This first month of the year symbolizes a new beginning and is a great time to reflect on the quality of your life and its purpose.

While evaluating your quality of life, you may think about your relationships, community, work, school, finances, health, fitness, spirituality or other segments of your life. Closely related to quality of life is life purpose. Identifying your life purpose is a key part of celebrating what you bring to the world and how you contribute to your own and others' quality of life. Regardless of how we do it, we all seek to find how we can best contribute to life. Research has shown that:

• People seem to have a natural desire and capacity to    contribute to life.
• Purpose is unique to each individual.
• People can learn from, but not adopt, the purpose of    another.
• People typically bring up the question of purpose about every   10 years throughout their lives.
• Working on purpose gives people a sense of direction.
• The key to acting on purpose is for people to bring together    the needs of the world with their unique gifts in a vocation.

Take a minute to reflect: What do you think your life purpose is? Where do you, or where could you, bring your unique gifts to help others? Learn more at the University of Minnesota, Taking Charge of your Health and Wellbeing

Upcoming Events

MonarchCare’s 10th Transforming Lives Luncheon will be on March 26, 2015 at the Signature Grand. This networking and fundraising event honors those who support MonarchCare and ensure the quality of life and wellbeing of our vulnerable citizens.
2015 Honorees include:

Community Service Awardees:
• Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren
• 5 Star Communities
Bill Kling Service to Veterans Award:
• Stephen Margulis, Esq.

Watch for the Save the Date card, emails and visit our website to learn how you can become a sponsor, donate an auction item, donate a food basket centerpiece that will be benefit a local food bank, and purchase tickets. Join us, improve the quality of your life, and see how MonarchCare and our Honorees are Transforming Lives.

If you think you can help with the luncheon, please contact Knyvett Lee. A BIG Thank You to our Luncheon Task Force members: Chair - Kirphton Fray, Michael Brodie, Sharon Cofar, Angela Crandall, Bridget DeSeno, Laura Dolin, Patricia Henderson, Florence Kalma, Marcia Pinck, Melissa Rapkin, Sharon Rose, Joy Siegel, Kimberly Valentin, Anne Warren, and Michael Welch.

Your Feedback is Important to us
Tell us what you think!

Your support enables us to continue our work that has rescued susceptible individuals from financial exploitation, restored institutionalized persons to independent lifestyles and reconnected isolated persons with long-lost family and friends. Thank You!

Knyvett Lee, NCG
MonarchCare Founder, CEO

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