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Client Stories

Helen had but one be able to read again. Unfortunately, there were delays in obtaining the eye procedure she needed due to health insurance challenges and a recent hip surgery.

After changing her insurance coverage and once her general health stabilized, MonarchCare was finally able to schedule the procedure. When Helen's prescription for new eye glasses was filled, her reading capability was restored and her simple wish to read has resulted in a transformation in Helen's spirit!

But that's not all. Because Helen reads aloud so beautifully, our Care Manager suggested she start a reading club and read to other residents that can no longer read. The facility social worker and the activity director plan to promote the club so Helen can read a chapter a day to others. This will give Helen and others something to look forward to -- enriching both her life by helping others and the other residents as well!

Ten-year-old Margo is disabled due to a near drowning accident in a swimming pool. She received a settlement to provide for her ongoing care but was only able to obtain appropriate care in a skilled nursing facility in Orlando with a special wing for young patients. Her mother and siblings were with Margo in Orlando for a while, but then moved to Broward County to live at the grandmother's home after the father’s untimely death. MonarchCare then hired a Care Manager in Orlando to provide onsite services to Margo and work with her special education teacher.

Dealing with the distance between Margo and her family was a major focus of our commitment to improving Margo’s life. MonarchCare purchased a phone so Margo’s mother could stay informed and involved with her care. As a result of this story being told in one of our e-letters, we learned of a specialized facility here in South Florida that could treat Margo. In July, 2012 we coordinated her transfer from Orlando to North Miami. It is wonderful to see Margo’s face brighten when her mother visits.

For many years, Linda was living on the streets due to her mental illness. She was isolated, cut off from care and was not aware she had access to financial support that could offer mental and physical health treatment. After constant and consistent outreach, MonarchCare finally got Linda to agree to move to an assisted living facility so we could coordinate her care. When Linda began receiving routine healthcare, we learned she was at risk for a blood clot. An extensive cardiac work up was done. She was placed on an anti-coagulant regimen and has since been weaned off medication. Physicians continue to monitor her closely, but Linda is now very stable both mentally and physically. Several months ago, Linda achieved her goal of finding proper placement in an ALF located closer to her children. Having completed that, Linda now enjoys frequent visits from her children and often goes with them on outings. Linda enjoys her life and loves shopping, having her nails and hair done, and going out for lunch. Linda is very happy and is truly a success story.

Before MonarchCare's involvement, Karen lived alone and would stand in the middle of the street looking at the sun (with no eye protection) and talk to God. She had numerous close calls that almost took her to visit God. Thanks to her neighbors, MonarchCare was called in and appointed her legal Guardian. MonarchCare moved Karen to an assisted living facility. Once Karen was stabilized, MonarchCare found an ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with retinal detachment so severe there was no hope of corrective surgery. Because of this, Karen could not see well and would walk and feel the walls, resulting in frequent falls and injuries. MonarchCare again had Karen moved to a smaller facility where she could be closely monitored to keep her safe and prevent further accidents. Although she only has limited sight due to years of direct sunlight exposure, she is thriving and happy with her caregivers. She mostly loves how they prepare Jamaican food just like the home cooking of her youth.

Roger, a native of Michigan, a widower and a private man, reminds us of the significance of Christmas and the gift of giving. Roger, 79 and a long-time MonarchCare client, was a resident of an assisted living facility when he was hospitalized due to multiple falls in a six-week period. MonarchCare had concerns that he was being over medicated. Once released from the hospital, Roger moved to a skilled nursing facility. He was taking over a dozen different medications, including several psychotropic drugs. He was so lethargic he could not benefit from needed physical and occupational therapy. MonarchCare began to advocate for a reduction in his medications, but met resistance from Rogers' doctor and facility staff. Eventually a court-appointed monitor visited the facility and agreed that he should move to a facility specializing in psychiatric conditions.

Roger was anxious about the upcoming change and had a dream with a vision of Christ. Roger shared his vision with our Care Manager and wept, expressing for the first time that he prays daily for the people tending to his needs. Once moved, Rogers' medication regimen changed dramatically. Indeed Roger was awake…and he had one Christmas wish, "Christmas lights, can you take me to see Christmas lights?"

Roger did go and see the holiday lights thanks to arrangements made by MonarchCare. Roger is now coherent, participates in all his therapies and has reconnected with family we were unaware he had.

Ruth is 94-years-young, a former New Yorker and professional woman who never married. Because of a melanoma on her face, she lost her left eye and Ruth's other eye is virtually blind. Initially, MonarchCare only provided daily money management services to Ruth at the urging of her attorney. Ruth was distrustful and nervous, but curious. As tough as Ruth thinks she is, the truth is she is frail and in delicate physical condition. After many trust-building visits from our Care Coordinator, Ruth recognized she needed help and enrolled in MonarchCare’s Care Management Program. We helped Ruth hire a team of home health aides, warm and caring individuals, who have become her guardian angels. Thanks to MonarchCare Ruth is safe and very happy to be living in her own home.

Frankie and Stephanie, brother and sister who have a developmental disability due to a genetic disorder, were clients since 1996. They were raised by their mother who developed dementia later in life. Both siblings and their mom were financially exploited before MonarchCare became the guardian for all three. Mom died in 1999 and Stephanie passed away just last year, but MonarchCare continues to serve Frankie (62 years young) and he considers us his “South Florida family”.

For 89 year-old Lidia, her home was not only where her heart was, but lost when she was involuntarily removed because of inflicted physical abuse by a family member. Lidia was brought to a local assisted living facility by her younger sister Natalie, a snow bird from New York, in an effort to protect her from her abuser who was living with her. The move was to be temporary, however months turned into years. Lidia unhappily settled into her new home where she was protected as the facility restricted Lidia’s abuser from visiting her.

Natalie soon realized that she needed help with the massive responsibilities of Lidia’s personal needs. She contacted MonarchCare who became Lidia’s legal guardian. It was immediately determined that Lidia had a strong desire to return to her home. MonarchCare took legal action and obtained a restraining order to prevent Lidia’s abuser from contacting her. MonarchCare, using strict supervision, was able to restore Lidia’s relationship with her abuser while not compromising Lidia’s safety. Successfully, supervised visitations began, but only one actual visit ever happened…Lidia’s abuser died of a massive heart attack the very next morning while working out at the gym.

Today, Lidia is happily living back at home …where her heart is. Lidia, once physically abused, living with anger and grief due to the many losses of her life of luxury once lived, is now safely living with restored dignity and respect.

Volunteer Stories

MonarchCare is grateful to Mark Kahn for his dedication and compassion as a Friendly Visitor volunteer. As a very young adult, Mark was exposed to his father's medical challenges as a seriously wounded and missing-in-action World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient. He spent countless weekends visiting his Dad at veterans' hospitals and found himself visiting with other patients. To many of these men, Mark was just about their only source of contact with the "outside" world. Mark knew then, as he knows now, what is really important in life.

Mark is a results oriented professional with over 20 years experience in sales, product marketing, and research and development. Mark decided to become a MonarchCare Friendly Visitor volunteer as a result of the economic downsizing that so many others have experienced. He determined that while he was looking for a new job, he could be of value to others.

For over two years, Mark has visited three individuals in MonarchCare's Care Management program who live in Memorial Manor, a skilled nursing facility, who have no one to come and visit them other than their doctor and facility staff. They never go out and two are confined to their rooms with limited mobility.


Everyone at MonarchCare loves to celebrate our successes, and our e-letter each month lets us do just that! We keep you up-to-date on what we are doing to make the lives of South Florida families a little bit easier, and show you ways in which you can help us in that endeavor. We also share insights tied to monthly observances of every kind, invite your participation in our events, and recognize those who have collaborated with us both as donors and partners. Enjoy looking back with us at what we’ve accomplished.

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“I wanted to thank you for all that you and everyone at MonarchCare did for my mother. We were very lucky that Kristen L. found your organization to help our mother. Everyone at MonarchCare was understanding and compassionate throughout my mother’s care with you. I especially wanted to thank Brillytza Garcia for all of her time, energy, compassion and countless hours she spent with our mother and our family. She was always on top of everything, making sure our mother was very well taken care of. She was also wonderful about keeping in touch with us to tell us how our mother was doing and she always kept us informed of all of her medical issues. You can see how she pours her heart and soul into her job. Although the situation for my sister and me was extrememly difficult, Brillytza handled it with the utmost respect and compassion. We could not have asked for a better case manager. Thank you again for everything you do at MonarchCare.” Robin S.

“It has been a comfort to work with the MonarchCare team. Thanks much… and let me say again what a great experience it was to know you guys at a difficult time.” William K.

Thank you for your blessings and support over these years. I do care about your help more than you know. Best wishes for the New Year and may God bless you all. Christopher D.

Dear Alan, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for being a hero to my family – not only the care that you gave to Burton both in your formal role and above and beyond that role, but also for continuing to be his champion since then. Your role at the hearing was persuasive and, with hope, it will help Burton to get out from under such a damaging influence. Hillary

Dolores, Congratulations on being named "Employee of the month" for June. Like the article said, you DO so much for the organization and your clients/families. Syd W.

“Thank you all for the great work you performed for my friend. Thank you also for the patience you afforded me in paying my balance off incrementally. It will be my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend your group to anyone I know who resides in your vicinity. Should good or great fortune find its way to me in the future, MonarchCare will be on top of the list for charitable contribution.” Jeffrey F.

"I just want to tell you how very impressed we are with your guardianship company". Robert N., a therapist at a psych unit where a client of MonarchCare's is being treated, commended our organized help with a new admission that is rare to receive. They had received the faxes of his guardianship and related matters, gotten many of their questions answered, and had our Care Manager, Brillytza G. already there to visit, all in a timely manner.

"We always take the time to seek the advice of our colleagues, but rarely follow up with a sincere thank you. Knyvett, thank you for taking the time to speak to us about the Mr. B case. I have always respected your knowledge base and experience, and how you always rise to the occasion. I love doing what I do because of professionals like you." Saul C. (Facility Administrator)

“This note is to express my joy and appreciation for the services of MonarchCare with my daughter. For the last two years, Tammy has struggled to recover from a drug/alcohol addiction and is now a healthy, happy, sober young woman, thanks to the guidance and friendship of Sandi K. (her case manager) and other professionals at MonarchCare. Attorney Larry L.'s contribution was a huge help and we appreciate that as well. “At the recent Transforming Lives Luncheon, I became aware of how important donations are to the program; therefore, I am enclosing a check in tribute and appreciation to MonarchCare. (I wish it could be more.) Thank you again for helping my daughter find herself!” Carol P.

“Alan – Thank you for entrusting Marilyn in our care. We truly will miss her. You were a wonderful advocate for her.” Jean and Beth “I am sending you this email to share my gratitude for the professionalism and caring nature exhibited by Alan H., my parent's case worker. In April, my father passed away and Alan made an extremely stressful time easier. My wife and I, as well as my sister, live in the northeast which makes proper care giving nearly impossible from such a long distance. Alan ensured that all the funeral arrangements were taken care of, and allowed us to deal with our grief and sorrow, and not have to focus on the funeral details.” Sincerely, Larry P.

“My mother, who is ninety five years old, was not responding to her Caregivers and not moving around. The Caregivers and Paulette made the correct decision to have her taken to Westside Regional Medical Center for a complete check out. Within minutes of my mother’s arrival at the hospital, a daughter and her husband and her eldest brother arrived at the hospital. Later arrivals were (another) son, his wife, her Granddaughter and her great grandson. Paulette immediately understood the implications of what might follow and took charge of the situation. She made arrangements for each family member to go into the emergency room with her, one at a time, and for each to spend a few private moments with our mother. This was very comforting to my mother and very much appreciated by my family. The family is extremely grateful and thankful for Paulette’s time and patience; she did not leave until my mother was returned at 7.45p.m. Once again we thank Paulette and MonarchCare for a job well done.” Regards Deanne N.

“Stella - I thank you for your patience and your guidance when I couldn't see the forest through the trees. But I feel that you truly had a heart and although I was one of many people for you to be responsible for. I think of you as someone who was there to offer me a helping hand to get me where I am today. Thank you.” Diana B.

“Aunt Grace could have been treated as just another case, but because she was fortunate to have you as her care manager, she was treated with the kindness and sensitivity that one would accord a relative, and we’re sure she felt that. Gratefully and with affection,” Linda & Len A.

“Knowing that my mother is safely in an excellent ALF, and you have so capably handled the business of selling her antiques her condominium I realize how fortunate I was to be introduced to your excellent organization. I would not hesitate to recommend, without reservation, MonarchCare to any of my friends, or anyone.” Roger E.

“At the suggestion of Detective Roubicek of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, we asked the court to appoint Knyvett Lee as my Aunt Dotty's guardian. Knyvett took both a professional and personal interest and was very good at keeping us informed. I would highly recommend Knyvett's services. Knyvett is extremely professional, but her professionalism does not stand in the way of personalism.” Linda N.

“I truly don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been brought into my, and my mother's, life. You believed me and were able to change the guardianship so that now I had an ally in helping my mother. You built a relationship with her and thanks to you she was placed in a facility where her physical and psychological needs were cared for. It goes without saying that I would recommend you and your services without hesitation. They don't come better than you.” Ina Rae